About DN Jain College

D.N. Jain Boardigan Society under the auspices of the House Snchalit D.N. Jain College, established on 1 July 1949. The forerunner of social consciousness, education and commerce munificent late Sawai Singi Munni Lal Shastri and Shri Bhagwat Sharan Adolia principal contribution was the iconic. Since its inception, the college students as well as the educational upliftment and development of the physical, mental and moral development of properties sufficiently so that the student can become qualified and responsible citizen. Ganga is flowing to the continued growth in the institution . The generous philanthropist and benefactor of our institution, the late chairman Dr Bhishma. Dev kumar methodology and able guidance, is dedicated to Singi. Currently Chairman of the college governing body Boardigan House Society president Surendra Jain D.N. Jain Dr. Sawai Singi. Rajendra Kumar continued progress under the guidance of the institution is moving towards Empower college, college principal Dr foreseeing direction. Shyam Mohan by Dwivedi’s Resolutions from your Dd, energy is flowing in each college and the college has a unique place in Rani Durgawati University.